Top 5: #ABRoadEatsFAY contenders (so far)

Alton Browns Favorite Pie

By Brooke Carbo / Weekender editor

Posted Feb 17, 2016 at 12:01 AM

The race is on to see which local eats will be on the menu when Alton Brown brings his “Eat Your Science” tour to town April 7.

The Food Network chef is looking for four places to chow down - a coffee shop, a breakfast spot, a lunch place and somewhere to order take-out after the show. Fans can vote for their favorite eats by using the hashtag #ABRoadEatsFAY on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But don’t delay - the hashtag is already getting lots of play online.

Here’s a look at the five front-runners so far:


The new restaurant in town is running away with the competition on Instagram, and it’s not doing too shabby on the other sites, either.

@aliserealtor posted this pic of the Rowan Street lunch spot’s pulled pork sweet potato pie and mini creme brulee pie with the caption: Best lunch ever. If you are in Fayetteville, definitely visit this place.

@kru911 posted this pic of the balsamic beef and arugula with the caption: This has to be one of the most delicious things I have ever put in my mouth!


The laid-back coffee shop has lots of supporters on all three social media sites, but its largest lead is on Twitter, where this week it had twice as many shout-outs as the rest of the pack.

Giving Rude Awakening a run for its money for most posts on Facebook this week is Reba’s on Boone Trail Extension. 

Curt Beck shared a picture of the bakery’s caramel pecan cinnamon rolls on Facebook with the comment “Yum to the yum!”


With nearly six weeks to go, this downtown restaurant could easily pull ahead. Loyal fans put in a strong showing on Twitter and Facebook this week.

Mary Bills Cafe & Elbow Room is another one to watch out for, with fans shouting its praises on Twitter and Instagram.