Dining Out: Lunch is sweet and savory at Fayetteville Pie Company

Berry Pie Fayetteville NC

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Alison Minard

Posted Mar 2, 2016 at 12:01 AM

Tell us about your place: “Every culture has a pie, and we are a unique local option in Fayetteville,” said Justin Pearson, owner of Fayetteville Pie Company.

He opened the restaurant with his wife, Leslie, on Jan. 6. Fayetteville Pie Company was born from a collaborative effort at another business Pearson owns, Vizcaya Villa, which caters weddings on weekends.

“We employ a staff of 10 people who work as a team at both businesses,” Pearson said. “Our awesome catering business spilled over to create the Pie Company. It’s where the All-American city meets local pies.”

Specialties: “Our pies are all open-faced with creative centers,” said one of the team members at the restaurant. “We use fresh ingredients and herbs, such as mint from our garden. What we’re most proud of is how we hand-craft each pie with a crust-folding technique that gives our pies that unique artisan look. We also add an egg yolk wash to ensure that the crust is a delicious golden brown.”

The lunch-combo special provides the best of both worlds. For $14, diners can select a 6-inch deep dish pie from the savory menu and a 4.5-inch pie from the sweet menu.

Some of the savory choices include balsamic beef and arugula, spinach Florentine, and chicken cordon bleu ($10). Sweet pies include cookies n’ cream and pineapple paradise ($4).

Most popular dish: “Our No. 1 savory pie best-seller is pulled pork and sweet potato,” Pearson said.

A new menu item is bourbon chicken pie. “It’s flying off the racks,” said Paddock, who described it as a “Cajun-Asian fusion with Jasmine rice in the middle.”

Why should diners eat here? “Everyone eats with their eyes first. Our pies are artisan pies, not typical,” Pearson said. “We change our menu monthly, offer good wholesome food, and our service is really fast.”

- Alison Minard