Why Pie?

     I grew up in a rural town in Missouri surrounded by siblings, cousins, friends, and dogs. We could run barefoot outside from sun up to sun down, playing in the dirt and drinking from a garden hose. My grandma’s little house was situated down the hill from ours and she had an open-door policy. We came in and out as we pleased, stopping long enough to grab something to eat. She tended a huge garden, and did her own canning and pickling. She took us berry picking in the field, then made the best jam and cobblers. With so many hungry mouths to feed, she made lots of one dish wonders. There was always a hot casserole, cobbler or pie coming out of the oven. She could make a delicious savory pie out of nearly any leftovers in the fridge. The day after Thanksgiving is when the turkey pot pies came out. Her way of showing love was with food. These are some of my favorite memories and a big influence on the way I cook.

     When my husband, Justin, and I decided to open a local lunch spot, pies seemed like a natural idea. We wanted to make large quantities of food using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and yet serve it quickly. We decided on serving individual savory and sweet pies.

     We had no idea that our little pie shop would be so whole heartedly embraced by the community. It’s wonderful to know that other people can enjoy the same warm feeling in our restaurant that I felt in my grandma’s kitchen.

     Fayetteville Pie Company wouldn't be what it is without the dedicated and talented team who work tirelessly in the creation of recipes and in serving our pies with a friendly smile. It’s one thing to have a concept, and quite another to bring ideas into fruition. The creativity that happens in the kitchen never ceases to amaze me. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us as we continue to grow. 

Leslie Pearson