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Sweet Times With Huck

March 28, 2018


On my visit to the Fayetteville Pie Company, I tasted their 3 featured sweet pies of the day! FPC only has "savory" pies and "sweet" pies on their menu, so of course I was there to try the sweet ones. 
We were greeted at the counter by Bria, she had a great smile and was very helpful. She took our order and then introduced me to MK, she's the Chef, and she was really nice and told me about the pies they had available that day! 
The first one I tried was the Pistachio Cream Pie, it was very, VERY good! I had never tasted anything like it before, and I really loved the crushed pistachio nuts on top! The next one I tried was the Berry Beloved Pie. It had a mix of delicious berries inside and whipped cream on top. Although it was tasty, this one wasn't my favorite. But my mom really loved it. And last but not least, I tried the Graham Cracker Smacker Pie! This was my favorite because it had hidden marshmallows and pieces of chocolate inside! It was so chocolatey and good, I couldn't stop eating it! And just so you know, you can ask for a scoop of ice cream on top of any of the sweet pies! 
Thank you Leslie, (the awesome owner), for having me over to try some sweet pies!

Now some more Sweet Stuff about Fayetteville Pie Company...
Here's my Sweet Meter rating system...
🍦= Not to Sweet
🍦🍦= Semi-Sweet
🍦🍦🍦= Super Sweet! 

>Is the staff friendly?<
🍦🍦🍦 Yes! Super Sweet Staff! 

>Is the shop clean and inviting?<
🍦🍦🍦 Very clean and makes you feel right at home with a old time feel. 

>Is it a good place for families?<
🍦🍦🍦 Yes! And they even have a small table and chairs under the stairs for little kids! 

>Is this place good to have a Birthday party?<
🍦🍦 Yes, if you have it upstairs. It's a large enough space for at least 25-30 people. 

* Vegetarian and Gluten-less options sometimes available, the menu changes frequently. 

🍦🍦🍦 Overall, this pie shop was sweet as can be! So stop by and try a pie! And tell them that Huck sent you!