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Best Food in Fayetteville NC

Fayetteville Pie Company is so incredibly proud to represent North Carolina on Tasting Table’s Best Pies in each State!! 

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Forget March 14: Every day is Pi(e) Day if you put some effort into it. This time around, we asked for your input, and nearly 1,000 people chimed in to share local beloved bakeries, innovate flavors and diners that truly know pie. Here's where to find the best pie in every state, because everything in life is better when it's wrapped inside of pastry. 

North Carolina: Fayetteville Pie Company

When we asked our Facebook audience to share their favorite pies, no flag waved as freely as the one for this veteran-owned and -operated pie shop. And it's the savory ones that North Carolinians loved most, especially the Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato pie, a six-inch-deep combo of smoked pork, BBQ sauce, whole kernel corn and a topping of maple-infused sweet potatoes.