A New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping

So, it's that time of year again when you may be thinking, "I'm giving up sweets". But wait and think about this...

Chocolate’s Good for You

Many scientific studies suggest that eating chocolate ward off strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. So here are some reasons to indulge in our Black Forest Gateau:

1. Chocolate decreases stroke risk

Chocolate contains flavonoids, whose antioxidant properties help fight strokes.

2. Chocolate reduces the likelihood of a heart attack

Eating chocolate prevents blood clots, which in turn reduces the risk of heart attacks. Blood platelets clump together more slowly in chocolate eaters.

3. Chocolate protects against blood inflammation

About 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day keeps the blood inflammation-inducing proteins away. 

4. Chocolate helps with math

When you're eating chocolate, numbers just don't seem as scary.

5. Chocolate may prevent cancer

Cocoa contains a compound called pentameric procyanidin which disrupts cancer cells’ ability to spread. 

6. Chocolate reduces the risk of diabetes

The Italians know a thing or two about good eating. And a small study from the University of L'Aquila, in Italy, found that eating chocolate increases insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk of diabetes. 

7. Chocolate is good for your skin

Not only does it not cause breakouts, dark chocolate is actually good for your skin! Flavonoids found in dark chocolate protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays.

8. Chocolate can control coughs

One of chocolate's chemical components, theobromine, seems to reduce the activity of the part of the brain that triggers coughing fits. Plus it makes your breath sweet and kissable.

9. Chocolate improves blood flow

In 2008 Harvard scientists forced test subjects to undergo “two weeks of enhanced chocolate intake.” A fortnight of chocolate face-stuffing, they found, sped up blood flow through their subject’s middle cerebral arteries. In other words, more chocolate means more blood to your brain.

10. Chocolate strengthens your brain

Dark chocolate shields cells in your brain, and accordingly protects it from damage caused by stroke. Epicatechin, a compound found in chocolate, significantly reduced the brain damage in mice who suffered strokes. 

11. Chocolate makes you live longer

Jeanne Louise Calment lived to the age of 122—the oldest anyone has ever lived. She ate two and a half pounds of dark chocolate per week.